My name's Ilenia.I created this blog to share my ps's files (psds,textures and more); Please like if you download anything! Thank you

Hi guys! How are you?

I’d like to apologize, I’m sorry if I didn’t update anymore, I decided to take a break and so I did. I thought that having a social life, or better, a normal life, was better. But I was wrong, literally. I don’t like going out, I like to spend the day making colorings, watching tv series, reading books and tweeting. In the past 1 year many things happened and I realized that this is the life that I want to live, here with you all, with my favourite singers and more. Can’t promise I’ll come back since my computer doesn’t work anymore, but I can assure you that If I get the possibility to visit and post I’ll come back. Love you guys :)

Psd87.  mf | box 

 doesnt contain vibrance
other examples: ( 1 ) ( 2 )
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post dedicated exclusively to downloads

graphics editing programs

i dont know If all of them will work with you,but I tried and they work perfectly,for any problems or something just ask,and I’d be happy to help you!

torrents sities

Here i listed some of my favorite torrents sities where you can download every kind of program,game,shows,videos,songs and more.ALWAYS make sure you aren’t downloading viruses!

 Downloads tumblr pages:

These are some tumblr pages dedicated to downloads,here you can find differents things like psds,textures,programs and more!

Icons and Galleries tumblr pages:

The nicest sources for icons and galleries,if you wont find a precise gallery or icons,just type in google “*name of the person* gallery” or “name of the person* icons  tumblr/twitter/livejournal

So this is my latest psds pack,maybe you can think of them as vintage or just as colorful psds.They are in the order of this post previews,and I really liked creating them! I dont ask reblog or any feedback,only like this post if you download,since this is for you,please. They all don’t contain vibrance,cause I created them with Photoshop CS3 and they are 8 psds in one psd file. I hope you’ll like and enjoy them!  download  → box 

Psd86.  mf | box 

 intense violet with a color fill as optional.doesn't contain vibrance.